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 bypassing exhaust servo ducati 848 (MotoCreations)

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PostSubject: bypassing exhaust servo ducati 848 (MotoCreations)   Thu Jun 09, 2011 4:31 am

so the ducati's have an exhaust valve which unlike older
exup bikes is not for power but instead all about noise
reduction.about 5k it opens.
if you remove the cables you get a cel alarm and to
bypass it you need to buy a full termi system with the
ducati race ECU or you can
buy one of these trick bits

so firstly remove the right hand fairing and the exhaust shield.

under the fairing you will find the exhaust servo

this has to go, unbolt it, unplug it and remove the exhaust cables

the other end of the cables go into the exhaust valve(under the exhaust heat shield),
just take them off.the spring on the valve will hold it
permanently open

now fit the MotoCreations servo eliminator

now put the fairing and heat shield back on as the hard work is now done steed

as well as added noise you can save some weight bonus Razz

servo and cables

new replacement

and the all important noise test lol

this cost me $162 which is about £100 posted.
its all got a 5 year warranty and I done a lot of reading
about them and have found nothing bad said about them.
get them here http://www.motocreations.com/ducEE.asp
the owner mark savory is very helpful and will help you
with any questions... email is info@motocreations.com
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bypassing exhaust servo ducati 848 (MotoCreations)
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