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 funny tweet war

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PostSubject: funny tweet war   funny tweet war I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 28, 2012 12:29 am

so guy martin doing his usual mouthing off in mcn, think the dvd has gone to his head
making him think he is king of the mountain despite his lack of wins and then Hutchy
had a few things to say back on twitter

so it went like this

Ian Hutchinson @tweethutchy
@AlanWhitham be surprised if he said it but was right what he said just forgot to mention I was about 25 seconds ahead before his penalty

Ian Hutchinson @tweethutchy
I'm in my bunker awaiting the gm fan club!!! : )

Ken Haylock @khaylock
@tweethutchy He pulled the same wind-up antics with @jm130tt (john mcguinness)didn't he, & look how well that turned out for him! You'd think he'd learnt..

Ian Hutchinson @tweethutchy
1.47.18 minus 30second penalty= 1.46.48 winning time 1.46.31looks to me like I'd of won by 17 seconds still, facts gm

Ian Hutchinson @tweethutchy
@guymartinracing been a long day today polishing my TT Trophys, should get them all done by tonight ; )

Ian Hutchinson @tweethutchy
@carlfogarty he slags me in Mcn re. TT as you know mate silverware is all that counts!

Carl Fogarty MBE @carlfogarty
@tweethutchy ooh the cheeky twat.. After wot you've been through.! #jealous

and it goes on lmao....better than jeremy kyle Laughing
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funny tweet war
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