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 laguna Seca Debrief- Valentino Rossi

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PostSubject: laguna Seca Debrief- Valentino Rossi   Tue Jul 26, 2011 9:06 pm

Q How was your day?

A I think that we work well during the weekend, and is more normal weekend. We can start from the third row. That is not so bad. And the target was try to make a good start and fight with the top six at the beginning, but I don't have enough pace. I stay for four or five lap, but after, I have two or three moment with the front. So, the problem is that we have to improve our performance and try to go faster. The step now, and the target, is try to arrive close and fight with the second group, with Dovi, with Marco, and Spies. And they are ten second in front of us, so we need to make an improvement. For make this improvement, we have different area to work. Something with the electronic, something about the rear grip that is like with the new bike, the bike work better, but we lose some grip, and after, the problem of the front, because we don't have enough bite, enough grip from the front tire, so difficult to turn. So, step by step. I have 108 points after 10 races. If we are a little bit better in the second half of the season, we can, so the target maybe is to arrive to 200.

Q Today, and last weekend in Germany, you and Nicky were together all the race, but on different bikes.

A Yes.

Q There's no difference really between the GP 11.1 and the GP 11. Is this strange for you?

A For me, unfortunately, we expect to make a step in front, but for some reason, we make the step behind. But in this weekend, also with this bike, I go always like Nicky. So we improve. Because Mugello, Assen, and also Sachsenring, we struggle a lot more. Jerry do good work. We have more experience now on this bike. And Nicky is not slow in this track, yeah? The problem is - the problem that make us lose more time is on the front. Because the lack of grip of the front tire is the bigger problem. And the two bikes have the same, so we need to fix something for the front.

Q You've been asked a lot this year about whether Ducati needs to change the concept, whether it needs to have something like a more conventional chassis. Do you think now that this is the only way that the front can be improved?

A I don't know. Because I am a rider. I don't know. I don't have the answer. I hope that in Ducati have some answer. Or one answer. One is enough. We hope is the right one.

Q You said the first target is the second group.

A Yeah.

Q What will it take to reach the front group? Because they are even further ahead.

A Yeah. For me, first now Dani, but especially Stoner and Lorenzo, are faster than us, and faster than me, are in better shape, and they ride in a better way. They are physically in better shape, and also they are faster than me. And also the other problem is the bike. But we know that the work will be long and hard. So I don't think that we can reach the first two before the end of the season. If we want to speak realistically.

Q The second group before the end of the season.

A If we reach the second group, about performance. Like Dovi and Spies and Marco, before the end of the season, we can drink a lot of champagne, hopefully.

Q Have you seen a replay of the Casey overtake on Jorge today?

A Yeah, yeah.

Q What did you think of that?

A Great. Great. I like. I like, and also the overtake of Stoner on Pedrosa is good, in the Corkscrew. That is mean that all they say at the beginning of the season about overtaking is bullshit. But this is the real overtake. Also the overtake of Stoner especially to Lorenzo is good, very close, high speed. Something that you have to be brave. So. This is motorcycle racing.

Q Every year in your career you've won at least one race.

A Yeah, I know. I think this year in Portugal is the first season. I already, I already take and face this problem, because is from '96 that I win minimum one race. In fact, I want to win one race also this year. But if don't snow [laughing], maybe is difficult. But is also, like I say, for me, I am always very realistically, I don't like to speak about dream. I'm happy if we can fight with the second group. That is mean maybe sometimes also the podium. But I think with Stoner and Lorenzo this year, no way. But I hope I'm wrong.

Q Casey has won five of ten, 50% of the races.

A He's good, eh?

Q So now ten races, halfway, Casey is leading the championship a little, but Jorge is there.

A Yeah. For me, the championship is still open. I think Stoner is a bit faster, but also Jorge is very fast and very strong mentally. I think that in a track like this, like stop and go track, Honda have an advantage compared to Yamaha. But at the same time, the Yamaha can fight with the Honda in the fast and more smooth track. Twenty points is nothing. I think will be a great fight for the second half of the season.

Q Who is the strongest mentally? Casey or Jorge?

A I don't know. For me, like I say, maybe Stoner is faster and Lorenzo is stronger. But depends which thing is the more important. Is more important to be strong, or be fast? [Laughter]

Q Maybe both.

A Maybe both, yeah.

Q Do you have some holiday plans?

A I think now I go at home, and after, I decide.
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laguna Seca Debrief- Valentino Rossi
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